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Don’t Tell People Your Dreams Show Them!

This is something that has taken us a few years to embrace at Hang Ups.  It takes confidence to move outside your comfort zone and do something you’ve been dreaming about your whole life.  Not everyone is going to believe in your vision or even take an interest.  That’s OK – the only person that needs to be 100% on board with your vision is YOU and the only person who can make this vision a reality is YOU.  So as Nike says – JUST DO IT! 91742fafbc60ccbcaec2dd9898f3514f[1] Enjoy your day!

Kristi & Carolyn

What is Creativity?

Sometimes snowy days are the best days for creativity.  For our friends in the Mid-West, we hope that you are keeping warm and staying off the roads.  For our friends in Eastern Canada, our snow is coming your way!  Enjoy by taking a little time to be creative.




Great Advice: Blur the Line Between Work and Play.


This is pretty much our motto at Hang Ups in KC.  We are grateful everyday for the people who support us and make this dream of ours a reality!

Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do

This is for all of our friends who are working so hard to fulfill their dreams.  It takes a lot of hard work to live your dreams but it’s worth it!

Dreams Don't Work Unless You Do

Be A Life Enthusiast

In March Kristi & I travelled to coastal California to attend an amazing conference for creative small business owners called Craftcation.  We met so many amazing people but one person in particular had a huge impact on our business focus and energy.  Her name is Tiffany Han and she is a certified life & business coach.  She specializes in coaching highly creative people.  We highly recommend that you check our her website and subscribe to her blog to get your daily dose of awesome inspiration.  Tiffany’s website is  You can also follow her on Pinterest – that is where we borrowed this quote by Roald Dahl.  It makes you want to be better at being a life enthusiast doesn’t it?

Roald Dahl

Creative minds sing, right?

With the enthusiasm of brand new bloggers we have a plan in place.  Super Sundays will be blog or tutorial day, on Deep Thought Tuesdays we will post something that we connect to and find humorous or inspirational and on Foodie Fridays we plan to blog about one of our favorite things…FOOD.  If you’d like to see our blog on a regular basis simply click on the orange RSS feed button which sits between our Pinterest and Twitter buttons on the right hand side of this page and add your email address.

We thought we’d use this Deep Thought Tuesday to share a little something about ourselves.   Kristi and I sing together constantly.  You are probably thinking that singing together all the time is a little strange.  Imagine how anyone near us feels.  Add in the fact that although Kristi has a nice voice, I don’t (but I make up for my lack of voice with enthusiasm).  It happens while we are setting up for  shows, doing in-store displays, shopping in antique & thrift stores, and driving.  As we talk, everything we say connects to the lyrics of some song in the massive songbooks in our heads.  Sometimes it’s rock or country or if we are in particularly awesome form that day it might be an old time bluegrass song that we didn’t even really know we knew.  Then there are theme songs to old TV shows.  Are you all singing the Dukes of Hazzard theme song right now or the Beverly Hillbillies?

Now it’s confession time.  Make us feel a little more sane by clicking on the “leave a reply” button at the top of this post and telling us that you do the same thing and what you sing.  Please.