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Meet Our Creative Families

Our last two blog posts have featured an inside look at how we make jewelry and where we create.  We thought we’d finish off this “getting to know us” series by introducing you to our creative families.  Creativity comes in many different forms and as parents we encourage any form that makes our kids happy.  We try to lead by example, taking on new creative projects that stretch and inspire us.


Kristi’s husband Matt is very musically talented. He plays everything from stand-up bass, violin, mandolin, keyboards, guitar, and more. In school he was part of a Barbershop Quartet and played in the Jazz band. His current favorite instrument is the violin but since he loves bluegrass music so much we’ll call it a fiddle.


Kristi’s eldest daughter, Amy, is a talented pianist and violinist. She plays violin in her school’s Chamber Orchestra and takes private violin and piano lessons. She will be heading to All-State Solo and Ensemble Festival at the end of April, where she will perform on both violin and piano.


Kristi’s youngest daughter, Mary Alice, has participated in Musical Theater for years. She is taking a break to focus on volleyball this year but she is looking forward to being on the debate team when she enters high school next year.

May 2009 111

Carolyn’s husband, Dwayne, is camera shy but check out the mural that he hand-painted for their sons bedroom. The volcano is textured and that Brachiosaurus is running so hard from the erupting volcano that he’s bursting through the wall.

Creative kid 3

Carolyn’s eldest son, Charlie, plays viola with the 7th grade and 8th grade orchestras at his middle school. Charlie has also been taking private guitar lessons for 4 years. He’s working really hard at mastering Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now for his upcoming recital. Charlie loves to write fiction as well as producing movies with his brother Ben.

Creative Kid 5

Carolyn’s youngest son, Ben, is an author. At the age of 10 he is already submitting his short stories to magazines for publication. Ben loves writing and producing short movies with his brother. Ben is also working on his musical side by taking piano lessons from Amy.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us a little better over the past month and a half.  We’ve had fun sharing our process, workspace and finally our families with you.  We hope that, like us, you are doing something that makes your heart sing.