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Meet Marybeth Johnston from Jacabums

We have had so much fun with our Creativity is Contagious, Pass It On series during the month of October.  Since the month is coming to a close we thought we’d post our final installment in this series.

Meet MaryBeth Johnston, who has been a friend of mine for almost 40 years now…which must be impossible because we aren’t nearly old enough to have known each other that long.


MaryBeth is an extremely talented seamstress with an environmental conscience and Mom to 6 children.  She has a home business called Jacabums offering a long list of handmade re-useable products for babies including:

  • diapers (Pampered Cheeks patterns)
  • covers (poly-urethane laminate, wool and fleece)
  • washable wipes made of 2 layers of flannel
  • wetbags for dirty diapers and swimsuits
  • change pads
  • nursing covers
  • washable breast pads
  • training pants
  • p-pads for carseats  & baby swings
  • diaper bags
  • bibs

That is a LONG list of handmade products that seriously reduce landfill waste.  Marybeth started the business in 2006 because she needed cloth diapers for her son Jacob. Check out how cute her diapers are:

image  image1

MaryBeth’s creations can be found online at www.jacabums.com and at a store called Le Capucin (www.homeopathiebebe.com) located in Sherbrooke & Victoriaville, Quebec, Canada.

As if this list of amazing products isn’t enough, Marybeth also makes beautiful purses, bags and pencil cases…and just about anything else people ask her to make.  I have ordered several purses from her and she has come up with gorgeous, unique fabrics for me each time.  For example, Kristi is the proud owner of a retro bike patterned purse by Jacabums.  If you are looking for a unique, earth-friendly and affordable gift for the holidays or baby showers check out Jacabums – you won’t be disappointed!

Stay tuned for our Ornament DIY series in November… just in time to help you with your handmade Christmas gifts or ornament exchange.  Happy Halloween!