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Hello!  We are Kristi & Carolyn and we have A LOT of Hang Ups!   We are slightly wacky and have a common love of creativity that we have channeled into making jewelry.   We can’t resist shiny beads or the perfect treasures that we find at antique malls, thrift stores and salvage shops.  We are especially proud of our partnerships with Literacy Kansas City (www.literacykc.org) and Band of Angels KC (www.bandofangelskc.org).  Check out our handmade jewelry including our Literacy Kansas City and Band of Angels Collections at www.hangupsinkc.com.
We come from very different places, geographically (California vs Quebec Canada,) and love to tease each other about just about everything including how each of us speak with our respective “accents”.  We currently live in the Kansas City Missouri area with our wonderful and understanding husbands and children.   Thank you for stopping by our blog, we hope that we make you laugh, help you to learn something new or discover new businesses to love.
Photos by Click Photography, clickphotographykc.com

Photos by Click Photography, clickphotographykc.com

One thought on “About Us

  1. Doug Harper

    I would like to talk with you about ideas of what you might be able to do with some old silverware of my grandmother’s. It is from the late 20’s to early 50’s. There are several grandkids, great-grandkids, & great-great-grandkids that I would like to preserve these treasure for. I really don’t have anything in mind, I’ve just been look at ideas on the web, however, I’m artistically challenged, so that’s where you come in. We also have several pieces of her costume jewelry I would like to incorporate if possible.
    Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you.
    Doug Harper


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